Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Through the Trees

On a little antiquing excursion this weekend, we drove through Westmoreland, NH. Once we were off the beaten path, we were shocked at how quaint the town green is and how lovely the untouched areas are--the pond and the surrounding forest was captivating. Whether we're referencing Emily Carr's paintings of the Pacific Northwest in the 30's or pulling hunting photos of Adirondack guides in the late 1800's and early 1900's, we're reminded on every trip we take how desperately we all need natural, untouched expanses of land.

Adirondack guide and his Sport via Wikipedia

Lake in Westmoreland, NH shows winter's ice finally subsiding

Emily Carr, Logger's Culls via Terramia

A group boating in the Kankakee River

Emily Carr, Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky

Silhouette of a hawk's nest, NH

Emily Carr, Blue Sky via The Vancouver Art Gallery

Guides John Burton and Henry Courtney via My Adirondacks

Sunlit tree trunks, Westmoreland

Emily Carr, The Red Cedar

Hunters on the Kankakee River

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