Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We had started a small collection of vintage wire baskets- the idea has been to hang them on the wall in our keeping room, celebrating their utilitarian beginnings while abstracting the forms, playing with light as it hits the structure. This weekend, as we installed the baskets, Martin Puryear and Terry Winters came to mind. Perpetual favorites, their work seems essential to us- grids and structures that seem organically engineered for the sake of art alone. Somehow, they provide aesthetic insight into infrastructures and composites that me may otherwise take for granted.

Wall baskets, NH

Martin Puryear, Greed's Trophy via MOMA PS 1

Terry Winters work via Findartinfo.com


Martin Puryear structure via The Best Time of Day


Terry Winters, Album #2 from The Tate collection


Terry Winters, Good Government at The Whitney Museum



  1. Beautiful. You might want to check Australian Artist Donna Marcus... just something here.

  2. Donna work is great, thank you for sharing! It's a real compliment to the images today, especially Album #2 by Terri Winters.