Thursday, January 31, 2013

Modern Primitive

We're very excited to feature the following photos and would like to thank Cote De Texas, Gloria Oviatt and Joshua Lowenfels for these images! A big fan of Mr. Lowenfel's gallery (we've blogged with some of his collection before), we revisited to feature a few offerings that we've been watching for some time and searched for some good interior shots as a complement. That's when we found the Cote De Texas feature on Gloria Ovitt (please use the link for more photos of her house, her contact information and what shows she'll be selling at) and her wonderful house! Finally, a wonderful, clean contemporary that uses the lines and palette of Early American and Country pieces to their clean-lined, heavily patina'd best.

1., 3., 5., 7., 10. Joshua Lowenfels, Works of Art
2., 4., 6., 8., 9., 11. Home of Gloria Ovitt via Cote De Texas

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Hunt

1. A 30s/40s Taxidermy Deer Form
2. Hunting Photo (Detail) at Universal Live
3. Adirondack Chairs from Rago
4. Vintage "No Hunting Sign" at Burley Auction Group
5. Leather Hunting Sack at Cowan's
6. HuntingParty Photo
7. Leather Ankle Boots at Railton's
8. Adirondack Chair from Pook & Pook
9. Vintage Taxidermy Form at Candlearts

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

17th Century Modern

The Spanish House from the last blog, with its Brutalist inspiration, inspires us for its spare, elegant lines, so too does the oldest house in Nantucket. The Jethro Coffin House shares the same spare elegance and economy of line, only (almost) 500 years earlier! Circa 1686, we truly believe that the palatte and beams, play of scale and lovely patinas are very bit as captivating and perhaps a bit more intimate.

1., 3., 5., 6. The Jethro Coffin House, Nantucket
2. Charlton Hall Ladderback Chair Lot
4. Stoneware Jug from Keystone Auctions
7. Rope Bed we purchased at William Bunch
8. Pair of Stoneware Jugs sold at William Bunch

Friday, January 25, 2013

So Close, Yet So Far Away

There is something astounding about the aesthetic relationship between the architecture of Ensamble Studio and the artist Adriaan Berend Wagemaker. Although there is 45 years between the creation of the artwork and the building of this house, it seems as if one was constructed for the other- material, palette and geometries that soften as they interact with the organic forms around them.

1., 3., 5., 7. Hemeroscopium House by Ensamble Studios circa 2005
2. Adriaan Berend (Jaap) Wagemaker, Le ClousMixed Media Circa 1960
4. Adriaan Berend (Jaap) Wagemaker, Structure En Gris Et Bleu, Mixed Media Circa 1960
6. Adriaan Berend (Jaap) Wagemaker, Forme De L'EspaceMixed Media Circa 1960

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thinking Persian

We layer our persian rugs at the house in NH because we love the look and it's practical. Sturdy, chic and amazing at hiding dirt, persian rugs are timeless for a reason. Now, it seems you can walk on them and in them, sit on them, gift them or use on the gift. Love it.

1. Margiela boots via AnOther
2. Christopher Albanese Antiquario at One King's Lane
3. Morgan Sattersfield Interior
5.  By Painted Pony 99 at Etsy

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We're Back...

If the vintage, decorative woven items in this blog were not enough to get us "back in the swing of things",  the "behind the scenes" images at Yigel Azrouel's Fashion Week show did. We love the austere beauty of the models and the hints of an elegant, earthy palatte.

2. Woven Chairs Attributed to Pierre Paulin via Rago
3. Modern Mixed Fiber Woven Textile via Brunk Auctions

3. 1970s French Woven Daybed via Rago