Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy Holidays from Hunters and Gatherers at Home! We're on the road again and will return in the New Year with new pictures and perspectives from our travels. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Perfect Pair

Shelves line the top of this livingroom by New York based architecture firm Specht Harpman; Ben Seibel bookends at 1st Dibs. 

Staircase shelves via Desire to Inspire; American Art Deco bookends at Decollect.

Traditionally inspired shelves by Stephen Roberts Inc via Plastolux. Carl Aubock bookends via Aritonic. 

Interior design by Shawn Henderson; Warren Platner bookends at Acorn. 

The only element in Falling Water not designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was the shelves in Edgar Kaufmann Jr.'s study. They were designed by Kaufmann Jr. and approved by Wright. Cowan Pottery bookends, 1931 from Wright 20, and Arts and Crafts bookends from Diamond Gallery.

Shelves by Brooklyn furniture makers, Atlas Industries; Carl Aubock bookends via Architonic.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Whites

All this snow has us thinking about the power of white. This perfect neutral celebrates individual style and provides a backdrop for any type of space, from warm and soft, to cool and bold.

Photograph by Jeff Herron via Plastolux.

Flowing white interiors in Spain by Luca Selva Architects via Arch Daily.

Living room from Martin Dyrlov's photography portfolio via Fresh Home.

Soft white brick walls at Inspiration Bubble.

Fur accents styled by Stella Nicolaisen.

London apartment via Twins' Garden.

The beauty of white floors from Desire to Inspire.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Beauty of Brutalism...Art and Architecture

Walter Yarwood, Cedars, 1962, University of Toronto

Yarwood's Cedars

Walter Yarwood's Horizon, 1964

Robarts Library, University of Toronto

Walter Yarwood, The Pines, 1968, Ontario Government Buildings

Habitat '67 for Montreal's 1967 Expo

Boston City Hall, 1963-1968



Pilgrimage Church, 1962, Gottfried Bohm



Frederic Chaubin, Georgia Government Building (Road's Ministry), 1975

Kenzo Tange's Yoyogi National Gymnasium, 1961- 1964

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Sense of Self

We stumbled on the Green Flea last weekend at MS 44 Junior High School on the Upper West Side. While we weren't very impressed with the "antique market," the collection of student's art along the hallways was inspiring--especially their collection of self-portraits. Will they become the next Warhol or Picasso?

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait in Orange 1967, Andy Warhol Self-Portrait with Camouflage 1986, Andy Warhol Self-Portrait 1986
Jean-Michel Basquiat Self-Portrait (plaid) 1983. 
Pablo Picasso Self-Portrait as Young Boy and Self-Portrait 1907.
Roy Lichtenstein Self-Portrait 1976, oil and magna on canvas.

Chuck Close Self Portrait, 1997 oil on canvas.

Timelessness of American Folk Art

Ammi Phillips, Girl in Red Dress with Cat and Dog, 1830-1835, and Will Barnett's Woman Reading, 1970.

Ammi Phillips and Will Barnett portraits.

Sheldon Peck's 1849 Portrait of George Weld Hilliard and Camilla Engman's The Keeper.

Sheldon Peck's Anna Gould Crane and her Grandmother Jenette with an Alice Neel duo.

Sheldon Peck's The Wagner Family, 1845, and Alice Neel's The Westreich Family, 1978.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Solid Foundation

Brione House, 2005 designed by architect Wespi de Meuron







Morcote House, 2003 by Wespi de Meuron




Scaiano House, 2004 by Wespi de Meuron