Friday, December 18, 2009

A Sense of Self

We stumbled on the Green Flea last weekend at MS 44 Junior High School on the Upper West Side. While we weren't very impressed with the "antique market," the collection of student's art along the hallways was inspiring--especially their collection of self-portraits. Will they become the next Warhol or Picasso?

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait in Orange 1967, Andy Warhol Self-Portrait with Camouflage 1986, Andy Warhol Self-Portrait 1986
Jean-Michel Basquiat Self-Portrait (plaid) 1983. 
Pablo Picasso Self-Portrait as Young Boy and Self-Portrait 1907.
Roy Lichtenstein Self-Portrait 1976, oil and magna on canvas.

Chuck Close Self Portrait, 1997 oil on canvas.

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