Saturday, December 5, 2009

Masculine Curves

We’ve been traveling lately…long weekends to upstate New York and New England in the search of treasures and a little piece of mind.

We’ve been a bit obsessed with finding consistencies through each state or region—painted tin boxes and treenware in Maine, an abundance of vintage toys in New Hampshire and solid, quality case goods in Vermont. We pulled our first images based on adjacencies that just seemed to make sense together. A top hat with black arcs of fur and its pink quilted silk nest, the portrait of an entitled boy with a strike of plaid across his throat, a penny quilt of dazzling craftsmanship, resourcefulness and color.

Stylized indications of 19th century design remind us how current aesthetics evolved. Where might the boy be at home in the 21st century?

Advertisement for mantels from Jamb.

Home of designer Thomas Wiggins by photographer Tim Clinch.

Image from Sibella Court's book Etcetera; The Ace Hotel, New York

Designer Darryl Carter.

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