Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Finds

We usually buy with an eye towards resale or with only an appreciation of a design or work (also called impulse buys.) This weekend, we bought for our new Hampshire home. We look for an evidence of hand, a patina gained from use and history, and a love of form. Here's what we found (and love):

Country rope frame day bed, ca. 1800

Corner of a 8' x 11' turn of the century attic rug

Pennsylvania red painted blanket chest, ca. 1800

Pieced block quilt, ca. 1930

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Black & White

Our friend Vi Luong had his first solo exhibition last night at the Happy Monkey Studio. Titled, "And Nothing In Between," we thought we'd fill in the gaps with interiors where his meticulously rendered pen and ink drawings would feel at home.

Swedish cabin from Stockholm firm PS Arkitektur via Remodelista

Vi Luong, Tiny Tree

Vi Luong, Paris

Vi Luong, Someone's Hand

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Moment to Sit and Contemplate

We have Milton Avery on the brain after discussing his work at a family dinner last night. As his abstract works of harmonious colors seem to draw us in, we thought about pairing them with the perfect seat in which to sit and take them in...

Hitchcock style chair found in Adamstown, PA

Sunset, 1952, Milton Avery

Cobbler's style bench found in upstate New York

Sheep, Milton Avery

Antique chair with leather woven seat found in Swanzy, NH

Milton Avery

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cream & White

A cream painted mirror we found in NH...the chair is a 30's piece given to us by our realtor

Cream Aga cooker via Kitchen Clarity

Vintage metal gathering basket we picked up in Upstate New York

Cream and white room via My Pear Tree House

Palshus Denmark lamp bases in the creamiest white against our horsehair plaster walls

A great find! Vintage Abercrombie and Fitch water bag in rather pristine condition

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We've been writing this blog for about a year now. When we started, we were excited about showing the world a perspective on travel and design, antiques and nature, that was completely our own. Now, we launch (in beta as of today!) We ask you, those who travel with us and witness the world through our eyes (or at least our camera lens) to take a look. As we're in beta, we ask for your thoughts and feedback--good, bad, indifferent. And check back in with us as we're adding new pieces daily. Thanks in advance.

From the inside out, a linen drape meant to block reflection creates a silhouette
of winter-bare branches

Steve the Plumber's blue eggs are almost too beautiful to eat (but they are delicious)

A look inside, a completely different perspective for we gravity-laden mammals

The inside of a vintage waste bin's web

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

Circa 1830 Silk work portrait of George Washington, sold at Wiederseim Associates viaLiveauctioneers

Alexander Hesler portrait of Abraham Lincoln sold at Bonham's

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tattered Dreams; Furnishing Our New Hampshire Home

We find great things when we're on the road; Folk to Deco, Chippendale to Modernist. And when it comes to our own home, we've been buying and "living with it" to see what fits. So far, whether purchased or inherited, what "fits" seems to have a very natural palate, well worn condition and possess curves that even we can't resist...

A great grandfather's company ledger book

A lovely eagle-arm parlor chair


Shoe sole templates

A 19th century rope bed

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hairstyles: Roman to Regency

While searching for the images of classical Roman statuary last week, we came across stone busts of women from the same time period. We loved the complexity of the women's hair, reminding us of late regency period hairstyles in America. Turns out, there is a bit of a connection (none of which has to do with what Jessica Simpson is sporting on the cover of New York Magazine this week) :

1830's Portrait of a Girl at Dirk Soulis Auctioneers

Ptolemaic noblewoman via Parenthetically

Portrait (part of a pair) at W.A Smith in NH

Flavian woman via eternallycool

Ammi Philips, Portrait of Catherina Van Keuren

1st century AD bust via Jane Austen's World

19th century portrait recently sold at Clarke's

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Naturally Modern

One of our new favorite acquisitions is a modernist resin bust signed, Minaux. Both grotesque and pleasing, the sculptor reduced the human head to its most basic, abstracted form. In taking away almost all individual features, he echoes all organic matter...common shapes, common themes in nature.

Resin Sculpture, Andres Minaux

River rocks with water pools, NH

Detail of a monumental pottery sculpture we recently purchased

Water on the kitchen sink, midday

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gray Matters

With all this talk about the cold, depressing weather lately, we thought it was time to celebrate the bright, clean precision of gray. We've paired some of our own winter shots with photography from the Young Gallery's new exhibitions for a new take on the cold outside.

Tire tracks on our antique trial, Vermont

Michael Najjar, Netropolis | New York

Icicles at the Swanzey Diner, Swanzey NH