Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hairstyles: Roman to Regency

While searching for the images of classical Roman statuary last week, we came across stone busts of women from the same time period. We loved the complexity of the women's hair, reminding us of late regency period hairstyles in America. Turns out, there is a bit of a connection (none of which has to do with what Jessica Simpson is sporting on the cover of New York Magazine this week) :

1830's Portrait of a Girl at Dirk Soulis Auctioneers

Ptolemaic noblewoman via Parenthetically

Portrait (part of a pair) at W.A Smith in NH

Flavian woman via eternallycool

Ammi Philips, Portrait of Catherina Van Keuren

1st century AD bust via Jane Austen's World

19th century portrait recently sold at Clarke's

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