Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Mexico to New Hampshire: Bringing Higgins Home

Victor Higgins, Taos in Winter

We've always loved the art of the Taos Colony of artists, and a special favorite has always been Victor Higgins. After a "weathering" Saturday of ice storms and snow, we woke up Sunday to some beatiful sights...with the bad comes the good. The colors, the lovely forms softened in the ice, reminded us of Mr. Higgins. Turns out, even though Taos and the 1920's are far, far away, winter can enchant us anytime and anywhere.

Branches incased in ice, New Hampshire

Bird's nest with snow cap

Victor Higgins, Gray Day

The view of Grange Hall from our house, New Hampshire

Victor Higgins, Reflected Light

View of our barn in the distance

Barn with sunlight hitting ice covered branches, New Hampshire

Victor Higgins, Taos Winter Evening via Encore Editions

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