Monday, February 14, 2011

Our First New Hampshire Dinner Party

The snow storm 1/2 hour before the guests are set to arrive

Whether we have guests or are enjoying alone time in NH, we eat very well. This weekend, however, was our first attempt at cooking for a small group. While the rosemary chicken and onion tarts cooked, we (mother included) set the table and brought furniture and lighting in the house to simulate a finished dining room...though ad hoc, we think there was a rural chic to the room...and the night was a big success.

Always turn the porchlight on...welcoming and they can find you in the storm!

Though we began to remove the wallpaper in the bathroom, a lit candle in an iron sconce makes it look almost intentional

Layering candles, books and a sculpture on a quilt made the table look warm and casual

The next day, even the tulips were tired....but still pretty

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