Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Salesmen and Australians: The Art of the Geometric

Recently, we found a small collection of garden trellis salesman samples from the 20's or 30's that we couldn't wait to have stands made for. With their chipped and peeling paint, broken wood pieces and tiny rusty nails, each stands as a geometric sculpture of tiny grids with a strong evidence of hand and age. Excited to post the images of them we took this weekend, we found Australian artist Terri Brook's paintings with the same characteristics. A nod to Twombly and Komarin are evident in Ms. Brooks' work, but her pieces are truly her own--powerful and subtle at the same time. They are poetic canvases that are a must to see!

Trellis sample found in Pennsylvania

Terri Brooks, Horizontal and Vertical Tracks


Terri Brooks, (l-r) City Reflections, White Dot, Buried Dot and Red Dot


Terri Brooks, Beige and Bone Spontaneous

Terri Brooks, White Linear


Terri Brooks, Beige and Grey

Terri Brooks, Weave


  1. Thank you so much, you totally get it.

  2. Both the trellis samples and the art works are beautiful. They are fabulous together. Thank you.

  3. Great post! I love TAB's work and the weathered trellis make my mouth water.

  4. Each enriches the other with the mutual love of line and patina. Thanks for a great post.

  5. just discovered you - what a find!