Thursday, April 28, 2011


Part one of one of our bathroom restoration

While, to one of us, taupe is the only alternative to mushroom (which is only acceptable after beige), the other's favorite color is the blue-green favored on 18th and 19th century woodwork and in fine art of the 20's and 30's. You can imagine, as we've stripped the bathroom in NH down from baby blue shag carpeting and blue and olive paisley wallpaper to taupe-white floors and aqua milk paint, how thrilled we are. Here is the bathroom and some references we've been collecting:

Daniel Garber, Peonies, via the great blog, still life quick heart

Fernand Khnoppf, Jeanne Kefer via tbSMITH's photostream on Flickr

Billy and Hells, Arum via Curieuxdetrucs

Genius Jan Wittenberg still life via The Linosaurus

David Halliday, Shell and Oil Can via Carrie Haddad Gallery

Jeremy Lipking, Skylar in Black via Southwest Art

Carl Dobsky, Shop Fan via John Pence Gallery

From Ochre, we think

David Halliday, Concrete


  1. Just LOVE Skylar in Black!

  2. I happened upon your blog while searching images of Mark Tobey's art. Clicking on his painting "Hidden Laughter" led me to your site. I have been back to visit many times since that chance encounter. I want to let you know there are people out here seeing what you are doing and appreciating it. I think you have a beautiful blog and feel uplifted every time I visit.


  3. Thank you so much. We love our blog and the daily process of putting it together. If anything, it has helped us understand how we react to the visual information we receive every moment, every day. That other people share our sensibilities and take the time to comment makes the effort even more meaningful. We love Tobey's language- the animated line that relays more information about movement in a second than we could verbalize in an hour.

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