Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Line

There's an old clothesline in the back of our NH house that we've been meaning to remove for quite some time. Lucky for us, we haven't gotten around to it and it came in handy the other day (after washing a coffee stain out of a table cloth). Seeing that cloth hang on the line made us think of the time when there was a clothespin factory along the river of our backyard, and all of the beauty it helped to create...along with the wind.

William Aiken Walker, Autumn Scene

Old clothesline against a peak of our house in NH

E. Saglio, La Buanderie

Stone foundation of the old clothespin factory along the Cold River

Carlo Cressini, La Stiratrici

Clothespins on the line, after a few years of inactivity

John Sloan, Woman's Work


John Sloan, Sun and Wind on the Roof


  1. I can believe's really kind of nice. That was my first time using one and something just felt fresh about the table cloth after blowing in the spring wind.

  2. ME TOO! . . . .. Bed sheets smelled so fresh!