Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A walk through our little forest by the river always leaves us marveling at the semi-transparent, cream colored leaves that have dotted the landscape since autumn. Tenaciously hanging onto their brown-black branches, we understand the perpetual inspiration in art and design:

The sun through the leaves, New Hampshire

Kathryn Johnson, Tobacco Leaf Quilt from The North Carolina Museum of History

Berry with pinecones on leaf, NH

Dark and Lavender Leaf Knit Pattern at Dawning Dreams

Seemingly fragile, strangely secure

Paul Klee, Illuminated Leaf

Eliot Hodgkin, Leaves at The Leicester Galleries

Elsa Rush hooked rug sold at Rago in 2007

Semi transparent

Elsa Traeger, Sight-Leaf

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  1. It makes me feel calm and thankful all at the same time. Excellent collection. Thanks for sharing. xxoo