Thursday, April 14, 2011

19th Century Portraiture

Portrait of R.F. Jameson, 1846, from Dennis A. Waters via The Magazine Antiques

We love 19th century itinerate American portrait painting and have begun exploring it's rival of the time: daguerreotypes. Both offer a link to our past, a face-to-face interaction with those whose footsteps we walk in. Look beyond the hairstyles and clothes, into the eyes of the sitters, and you'll know the people in them.

19th Century portrait at Forsythe's Auctions

Unattributed Man with Light Hair circa 1840 from Dennis A. Waters, Fine Daguerreotypes

Ammi Phillips, Portrait of a Man, circa 1835 via Samuel Herrup Antiques

Robert Cornelius, Intense Teen with Grey Backdrop circa 1839 at Dennis A. Waters

Sheldon Peck, Portrait of a Man circa 1828 at MFA Boston

19th Century daguerreotype at Dennis A. Waters

Ammi Phillips, Gentleman in Black Coat at the Table with Two Books at Sothebys

Ammi Phillips, A Lady in Eyelet Collar and Cuffs at Sothebys

Southworth and Hawes, Unidentified Child circa 1852 via Eastman Photostream on Flickr

Ammi Phillips, Portrait of a Young Girl in Light Brown Dress holding Spray of Pinks via Wahoo

Southworth and Hawes, Ellen B. Bacon circa 1852

Ammi Phillips, Portrait of Jeannette Payne circa 1841 via The Athenaeum

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