Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Peek Inside

Even though it's beautiful outside and the tress are finally beginning to bud, we look inside today at our upstairs keeping room in New Hampshire. Our hunt has been amazingly rewarding the past few weeks and we've picked up pieces whose palette, patina and evidence of hand compliment our 19th century home...while still feeling fresh and modern. We're so excited about how it's coming together that we wanted to share some of our favorite finds...

19th century grain painted cupboard in blue paint, hand woven Shaker rug

Pennsylvania red painted blanket chest ca. 1800

Oil on canvas portrait of a woman, 19th century, alongside two mid-century vessels

18th century shoe forms, early bee skep and wallpapered box

Shoe form detail

Shadows against a rope chaise from 1810 in red paint

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