Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Taking A Moment

Our weekend outings are fast and furious; darting from house to house, state to state, city to village. Along the way, it's important to note, we talk. Once the car doors slam and we're off again, we talk about what we've seen, new terms we've learned from the locals or our realtor, the pictures we've taken and the details we discovered. That's our moment- when we learn that our two sets of eyes act as one. Few people revel in the beauty of an early 19th century door latch in a cabin on the pond or a geometric architectural detail as much as we. It's these moments that make our journeys rich, that make a trip more than simply mileage.

A Massachusetts doorway

Light through a 19th century window

The geometry of a back stairwell

The handsome profile of a antique colonial

The perfect view

A cabin by the pond

The elegant curve of an antique latch

A quiet worktable on wide plank floors

A quiet ripple

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