Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Grandma's Floor to Gallery Pedestal; Vintage Linoleum

A page from the 1939 Sears and Roebuck Catalog

We're often inspired, sometimes disheartened and usually surprised by what we find on our search for an antique home. From generations of wallpaper found in closets to a sweet basket filled with shoes, hats and tools--all found in the chimney of a 18th century Connecticut home, we've seen a lot. One of the most intriguing is the vintage linoleum found on the floors of closets and kitchens, left as a handy reminder that home fashions may change, but linoleum seems to last forever! Artist Don Baum makes use of linoleum's lasting power and references time and domesticity with his house sculptures at Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago.

Skyhouse IV, 1983
Linoleum, wood construction
Don Baum

Linoleum found in the guesthouse of a 1840 colonial in Greenville, New York

White Lake II, 1986
Linocut, wood
Don Baum

Linoleum found in the closet of 1795 colonial in New Ipswich, New Hampshire

Studio for M, 1983
Linoleum, wood
Don Baum

"Wood" linoleum over antique wood floors in a 1840 Colonial in Greenville, New York

Chambered Nautilus, 1982
Linoleum, wood
Don Baum

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