Friday, July 30, 2010

Stream of Consciousness...Hard Lines

Aesthetic associations are based on numerous physical characteristics--color, material, form, location (adjacency), influences, etc. When we sat down to create this blog, we looked at the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony which led us to the hard lines of the Arts and Crafts Movement, then to early Lucian Freud paintings. His palette and flat rendering reminded us of the furniture of Roy McMakin (of whom we've been a fan for years.) This is how and when our "Stream of Consciousness Week" ends...with an explanation of the thought process and a result quite divorced from our original idea. Welcome to the minds of Hunters and Gatherers at Home:

Farmhouse by Roy McMakin inspired buy the Wizard of Oz after the fall

Lucian Freud, Girl with a Kitten

O.G. Adirondack Chairs by Thomas Lee, 1905

Lucian Freud portrait of a man

Roy McMakin interior

Lucian Freud portrait of a woman

Sofa by Roy McMakin

Lucian Freud, John Minton

Dresser by Roy McMakin

Lucian Freud, Girl with Leaves

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