Friday, July 23, 2010

A Dark Secret Passion: Design of the '80's

A fantastic knife set I won at Housing Works (auction)

Hartford, CT

While one of us is asleep early with a headache, the other will indulge a secret passion that has been hiding just under the surface for quite sometime--Memphis and 1980's design! Fun, color-saturated and very relevant today, Memphis and 80's design means movement and experimentation. Influenced by Bauhaus, Constructivism, Primitivism and Art Deco, the designs (and unfortunately the worst) of the decade are almost instantly recognizable, as are those inspired by the time...see for yourself:

Forrest Myers, The Wall, 1973. Though early for Memphis and the 80's, I think it epitomizes the colors and geometry of the decade. Broadway and Houston, NYC.

George Sowden clocks for Memphis

Marco Zanini Colorado teapot for Memphis, 1983

Lacoste sheets currently in the Macy's Herald Square window


Nathalie Du Pasquier (a favorite!) lamp, Objects of the Electronics Age

Scholastic Building on Broadway, NYC

Peter Shire table via Manishtama


Ingas Sempe for Ligne Roset in the Soho showroom

Playgound on Houston

Du Pasquier for Objects of the Electronics Age

Houston and Wooster, NYC....I wish they'd try to keep this up! Great building.

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