Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1840's Oak Hill Greek Revival for $225,000

Did you guess? This has to be one of the most remarkable, untouched houses we've seen to date. The interior needs far more restoration than we are capable of right now, but trust us...we thought long and hard about this. The depth of carving on window and door surrounds, the serpentine three story handrail, original floorboards, extraordinary kitchen cabinetry...all in original, untouched condition! Museum-worthy, this house and small village deserves a great deal of attention. If you have the opportunity, go! For context, we've included some period appropriate decorative items.

1840's Portrait of a Sea Captain at Decoys Unlimited Inc. Annual Summer Auction

19th Century Brass and Mahogany Inlaid Clock at Showplace Antique + Design Center

1840's Militia Stovepipe Hat sold by Atlanta Auction Company via Liveauctioneers

19th century Black Dress from Auctions Neapolitan via Liveauctioneers

Settee, ca. 1876 by George Hunzinger

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  1. you would have to buy and restore all of the other houses on the street too...those look on the outside like this does on the inside.

    why do people put their appliances on the front porch anyway?