Monday, July 12, 2010

Antique Solitude

While we always have each other on our weekend journeys, there are tiny moments when we find ourselves alone, imagining times past. One of us is at the front door of an antique home examining the vintage of a doorbell with our realtor, while the other is alone in the keeping room, imaging the lives of those who used the hand forged iron latch of a door, looked out through the wavy glass of a window and glanced lovingly at a portrait hung on horse hair plaster walls.

Pair of portraits by Aaron Harry Gorson, 1910

Door handle from a 1798 Cape Cod in Woodbury, CT

Adventist Preacher Whitehall, New York, Horace Bundy, 1854

Window of a 19th century barn in Shoreham, Vermont


Doorbell at the Prichard Clark home in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, circa 1785

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