Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sign Language, Graphic Art in the Machine Age

The 1930's were a magnificent time for graphic and product design--the clean, elegant lines of deco combined with a masculine, industrial edge. For a work outing, one of us ended up in the basement of Roosevelt Island's Coler-Goldwater Hospital. Built in 1939, the basement is off limits to most and retains its hand painted wayfinders. With a few quick shots (...intended) of the gorgeous graphics, plus some photos of the lovely A.M. Cassandre window of the Chisholm Gallery, we celebrate a period of design that has enjoyed some much deserved popularity lately. Here's why:

A.M. Cassandre at the Chisholm Gallery in Chelsea, NYC

Coler-Goldwater Hospital, Roosevelt Island

Great packaging from A.M. Cassandre

Pointing the way, morgue-bound at Coler-Goldwater

The universal language of a graphic, Cassandre at Chisholm

Interesting variety of fonts designate destinations at Coler-Goldwater

Lightbulb packaging as elegant as a wine poster from Cassandre

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