Thursday, March 17, 2011


We've been smitten a bit with the late twenties and thirties lately- not the chrome sofas or leaping gazelle sculptures, but the less iconic palettes and shapes of an age that seems both modern and relevant in how we view beauty and design today. It is the bridge between the Arts and Crafts Movement and Deco, Modernism and Nouveau.

John Stewart Curry, Portrait of a Young Lady at Fairfield Auctions, LLC

Our two finds: Down cushion with upholstery tacked carved chair and bear muff pillow

Robert W. Chanlin mural via Fuckyeahcrows

30's Robin and Pussy Willow wallpaper we found in a New Milford, Connecticut home

Barbara Sears, Portrait of Beulah R. Selesnick at Kaminski Auctions

Gorgeous florals via Interior Alchemy


  1. My sister & I had that pretty robin wallpaper in our room as little girls in the 50's. We all loved it so. I remember counting the robins as I fell asleep. I found you post while doing a search for robin pussywillow wallpaper in hopes to find it. What a thrill to see your post. Thanks so much. Here's a picture of my sister with the paper in 1952.

  2. That is an adorable picture, and I wish I had that wallpaper!

  3. We do too! The reproduction wallpaper business isn't all that impressive, but if you're in the market, check out Waterhouse Wallhangings. We found some great patterns there.