Sunday, March 20, 2011

In a Fog...of Sugar

This weekend we had the privilege of visiting our friend Dave's Sugarhouse in action. Upon entering, we were engulfed by a dense steam that smelled a bit like cotton candy. Dave showed us how the sap darkens and thickens as it boils, moving from a clear, watery substance to the thick amber of Grade A maple syrup.

Sun rays break through the steam while the arch boils sap

The arch's main exhaust pipe soars to the sky through the roof

Cold sap funnels into the arch and is heated from below

The roof is customized with trap doors to release the steam

Once the sap reaches optimum temperature, it's filtered through natural fibers to eliminate the niter (or sugar sand)

The sap gets darker and thicker as it boils

Our first taste of this year's Maple Syrup...amazing!

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