Thursday, March 3, 2011

Deconstructive Constructs

We were looking for a particular sculptor the other day (whom we still have not found) and inadvertently discovered the work of Henrique Oliveira. His Tridimensionals sculptural installations astounded us. Plywood and mixed media constructs that are seemingly caught in the moment of ripping or bulging apart, reference both man made and natural entities. We've rediscovered, or maybe reexamined, our familiarity with everyday materials through Oliveira's work. Here's a peek:

Henrique Oliveira, Tapumes 2003

Boxes and crates for sale in Quechee, VT.

Detail of an industrial cupboard at Paula Rubenstein

Henrique Oliveira, Tapumes 2005

Behind our barn, NH

Grange Hall interior, NH

Henrique Oliveira, Architectonic Intumescence

Peeling bark, our back yard

Henrique Oliveira, Corner Prolapse

Pod set to dry against our barn window, NH

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