Wednesday, March 9, 2011


After two blogs with blasts of color celebrating the new season, we've come back to our own sensibility and celebrate in a different way- meditations on crisp whites, fresh cream, warm browns and soothing grays. We've taken shots of moments around our house and coupled them with shots from the London-based Parma Lilac catalog.

An early 20th century painting verso- the layering of textures

Shirt detail from the forthcoming clothing category, Parma Lilac

Choosing a white for our guest house walls at dusk

Parma Lilac felt cushions

Weathered skulls on our mantel, New Hampshire

A gorgeous shot of a lovely blanket, Parma Lilac

Against our shed, weathered woods

Advertising the shades, but the textures and palette of the bed are amazing, LP

Sham and blanket, LP

Clothespins from our realtor...(we'll tell you later)

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