Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Aging Modern

We've loved John Fraser's work since we became aware of it in Chicago a few years back. Fraser is able to articulate the value of age and wear in a modern, relevant way. His work allows us to hone in on the subtle toning and elegant materiality of books, industrial fragments and textiles. If you have the opportunity, see his work at Roy Boyd Gallery in Chicago--it has helped us understand the importance of wear and history in everyday objects.

John Fraser, Type-cast at Roy Boyd Gallery

John Fraser, Vertical with Stitching and Salvage

One of our treasured finds--a well worn industrial canvas basket

John Fraser, (In the) Absence of Rhetoric

Shutter and clapboard, Grange Hall in Acworth, NH

John Fraser, Composition with Black

John Fraser, Westport Island Memory

Our vintage catchers chest protector, canvas and leather

John Fraser, A Gathering of Planes

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