Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Memory Game

We inundate ourselves with imagery every day to produce the blog and as research for the antique business. Today, we just let one thing lead to another, putting together, from memory, images that reminded us of another. It's our stream of consciousness meets Memory game.

1. Roy Lichtenstein , Sunrise, via Affordableart101.com
2. Shutters, from inside a 19th century home in Oak Hill, NY
3. Roy Lichtenstein, Ball of Twine
4. Thin Black Lines Chair by Nendo
5. Siegfried Lauterwasser, Water Refections via Couleurs
6. Late 19th century mannequin torso
7. Henri Cartier- Bresson, Untitled
8. Great mannequin we missed at the last Dirk Soulis auction
9. Siegfried Lauterwasser, Wasserspiegelungen, via Artnet

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