Friday, September 16, 2011

Loving Green

A guest room at our home in New Hampshire

In researching images for the blog today, we came across an image of our own home that inspired us--a shot of our front guest room in green. When we bought the house, the room was covered with wallpaper that wasn't our style nor old enough to retain any it came down. We had dreams of exposing creamy, horsehair plaster walls, but when the paper was removed we were surprised to find green walls. At first we were wildly disappointed, but upon further evaluation, we not only realized it was old milk paint (history!), it was also looked kind of amazing. Some other beauties in green...

Ancestral Myth Theodoros Stamos, 1947 via 1st Dibs

Interior of Oswaldsmill

Straw Milton Resnick, 1982 via 1st Dibs

Interior from Lars Bolander's "Scandinavian Design" via Home Design

20th Century expressionist painting, Jennings Tofel, 1940's via 1st Dibs

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