Monday, September 19, 2011


1. Melanie Comber, Lake Search for Missing Swimmer 7

Melanie Comber's oil and pigment on canvases at Fine Art Society reference everything from daguerreotypes to lunar landings, snowy landscapes to viruses under a microscope. They are as foreign as they are familiar, as beautiful as they are inexplicably unsettling.

1. Melanie Comber, Short Story

2. -minus- album artwork for Arctic Exhibition via Yahoo! Music UK and Ireland

3. Melanie Comber, Anglosaxon

1. Melanie Comber, Fish Wish

2. Daguerreotype for jonnyphoto's Flickr Photostream

1. Melanie Comber, Odds and Evens

2. Herbert Ponting, Icebergs from Scott's last expedition if the Arctic

3. Melanie Comber, No Man's Land

1. Jonnyphoto, Forgotten Moon

2.Melanie Comber, 123

3. From Australia's First Arctic Expedition, Skeleton of a sea elephant and Harold Hamilton

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