Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The New Woman

Rudolf Knorlein terra cotta bust via Schmutz Collection

Lasar Segall, Retrato de Baby de Almeida

Wiener Werkstatte terra cotta head by Gudrun Baudisch at Artnet

We love the dramatic 20's and 30's portraiture of women- marcel waves or blunt cut, heavy eyes or natural, a woman's appearance was an expression of freedom and self. Art, whether stylized busts or more traditional portraiture mirroring the looks of the times, gives us a glimpse of radical departures in taste and social norms.

Doris Zinkeisen, Self Portrait

Wiener Werkstatte by Gudrun Baudisch via Hesitation Waltz Art Blog

August Sander, Secretary at West German Radio, Cologne via Art Tattler

Christian Schad, Sonja via Passe-Partout

Gudrun Baudisch heads via Artnet

Rudolph Schlichter, Karola Neher via It's About Time

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  1. Great collectoin - the first, doris z's, and the last portraits are my favorites.