Monday, August 22, 2011

Heinrich Kuhn and William Morris

Heinrich Kuhn image autochrome via Art-Port

William Morris, Leicester Pattern at Historic Style

Heinrich Kuhn, Miss Mary and Edeltrude, circa 1910 via Venetian Red

We've walked into two rooms in the last year or so with William Morris wallpaper- they are always a surprise...graphic, with palettes that are somehow beautifully grayed and sunny at the same time. Seeming strangely modern to us, the wallpapers, like the photography of Austrian Heinrich Kuhn transports us to a turn of the century world that seems more familiar than we realized it could be- the skies, it seems, have always been blue, the grass is green and a warm day in the country is still blissful.

William Morris, Fruit (or Pomegranite) via Historic Style

Heinrich Kuhn via Iconology

William Morris, Fruit (or Pomegranite) Wallcovering via Jamie Hempsall Interior Design

Heinrich Kuhn's autochrome of little Hano via The Blue Lantern

William Morris, Pimpernel

William Morris designed room with Pimpernel Wallcovering

From the book Heinrich Kuhn: The Perfect Photograph via Published Art

William Morris Artichoke Wallpaper and Branches Upholstery

Heinrich Kuhn, Miss Mary and Edeltrude Lying in the Grass

William Morris' Artichoke Pattern at Morris & Co

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