Thursday, August 11, 2011

30's Rural Chic

Grant Wood, Arnold Comes of Age (Portrait of Arnold Pyle)

The photos are contemporary, the paintings are classic 30's and the objects are from about the same period (give or take a few years.) All together the colors, graphic integrity and rural grace define our visual fantasy of rural life in the 1930's:

Ford Model B-304 "Ute" at RM Auctions

Bernard Fleetwood Walker, Amity via B. Fleetwood-Walker

Egg product lot at Rago via Liveauctioneers

Evan Leavitt, A Storm is Brewing

Sandor Klein, American Farm Hand via The Smithsonian

Evan Leavitt, Fireside

Primitives sold at Keystone Auctions via Liveauctioneers

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