Thursday, September 23, 2010

Man-Faced Dog...the Art of Stonehouse, Anderegg and Peacock

There is something nostalgic and tragically beautiful in figurative art based on vintage comics and side show graphics. We have loved, for quite some time, the art of Fred Stonehouse, Wesley Anderegg and Daniel Peacock. While they are all quite distinct in figuration and rendering, they are amazing artists who masterfully combine the comic with the tragic.

Fred Stonehouse, Shop Goat at Columbia College Chicago

Daniel Peacock, Lucky Tooth via Gallery Driver Limited

Wesley Anderegg, Squeeze Box Lounge

Daniel Peacock, Duck Show

Fred Stonehouse, Dream of Babylon, via Art New York City

Wesley Anderegg, Knife Thrower

Fred Stonehouse, Dog, via Blab!

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