Friday, September 3, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In...'60's Style

While searching British artists for an upcoming blog, we stumbled across the work of Mary Fedden. The color intensity and stylization gave us that 60's feel... visual references specific to a decade and immediately recognizable. Here's what Mary's art brought to mind at H&GH:

Mary Fedden, Small Still Life, from Studio 18 Gallery

1960's Livingroom via Retro Renovation

A Papier Mache Lion we had purchased from Modcats at one time

Alexander Girard canvas from Ebay

Mary Fedden, Butterfly with Flowers, watercolor

Numbers Wall Sculpture by Vanguard Studios, 1970, at Modhaus

Another room via Retro Renovation- A sunny kitchen circa 1968

Higgins Glass Mobile via Apartment Therapy

Mary Fedden, Still Life by the Sea

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