Monday, September 27, 2010

Diversity in DC

We drove south this weekend toward Washington, DC to see the ultimate antique house...the White House! After two security check-points, we made our way inside the 18th century home along with an array of other visitors from across the globe. We all marveled at the neoclassical architecture, traditional design, and vast collection of art that filled the walls from floor to ceiling. From abstract still-lifes to presidential portraits, the collection was as diverse as the city itself. While DC can seem old and traditional on the surface, we found ourselves parking among glass monoliths, strolling through "hot dog row" and lunching near a great gate that proved there's much more to that town than meets the eye.

Entrance to Chinatown

Jessica Tan Gudnason, Untitled from the Chinese Opera series, 1991/2007

East Executive Avenue NW

Wayne Thiebuad, Hot Dog Row

17th Street NW

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