Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Blues

There's a certain melancholy to some of the images we find/photograph. Whether it's the lighting, color, subject matter or a subjective response to an artist, we see a narrative that is as beautiful as it is sad or haunting.

1. & 2. Jim Joe, Jim Joe, Crosby Street in Soho

3. A peal of birch

4. Deer skull on a barn floor in upstate New York

5. Gary Komarin, Duke & Wigmore Series #1, at Broadbent Gallery

6. Gatoring paint in Athens, New York

7. 19th c. Taxidermy at Silsby Library, New Hampshire

8. Jim Joe, White & Brown, 14th Street

9. Fire escape and netting, Meatpacking District

10. Cy Twombly, Orpheus, 1979 at Tate

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