Friday, September 17, 2010

The Art of Art...Hansen

As promised, the prints of Art Hansen. There is a used bookshop on Clark Street in Chicago that we frequented, both to shop and to stay warm in on cold winter days. Though hardly charming, it was a treasure trove of art books- including, one day, a monograph of Hansen's. We were taken immediately with the paradox of Hansen's technique- using the finest marks to create subjects and compositions that are hyper-voluminous. There is both an elegance and a sinewy strength in these etchings of trees, landscape,vegetables and florals. Mr. Hansen became an immediate favorite that day in a Chicago as we flipped through, then purchased his book of prints. He remains one to this day.

Alder Grove, 1976, from Waterworks Gallery

Pond & Pasture, 1975

Woodcutter #2, 1985, at Davidson Gallery

A Man in the Tree, 1976, at Davidson

Two Alders, 1976, at Waterworks

Pond & Pasture, 1975, at Waterworks

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