Friday, February 19, 2010

The Weight of Flowers

When we were pulling the Penn photos for Hothouse Flowers, we found the Steichen black and white studies included below. What strikes us is the visual weight of the flowers--voluminus and sculptural, striking without the aid of scent and color. So, with a few clicks, we set contrast on "high" and saturation on "low" and offer a few black and white studies of our own...don't judge us harshly alongside the master!

A window Valentine's Day bouquet in Chelsea

A coworker's Amarylis at the office

Steichen's Lotus, Mt. Kisco, New York 1915

Tulips in the East Village, NYC

Poppies through a florist's window in Chelsea

Steichen's Sunflower, 1920

Little fists of tulips in Midtown

Edward Steichen, Heavy Roses, 1914

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