Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Athens, New York: Part I

You can't image how surprised we were when we traveled to Athens, New York this weekend to look at the Dimmick House (built in 1810). What we found was a village filled with magnificent, historic homes in styles ranging from Federal to Gothic Revival. To be completely accurate, most of the homes need some TLC, but the raw materials are there and the town is just waiting for some like-minded folk in need of a challenge to bring this beautiful hamlet their heart and enthusiasm. We are tempted by the Dimmick House...it's magnificent, and has been restored over the last twenty years by a couple that have impeccable taste and a passion for preservation. We are also tempted by Athens and its potential. You should go see it all for you self.

Northrup House, South Washington Street

A historical beauty getting a facelift.

The Van Loon House

One of the first magnificent homes you encounter entering town.

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  1. What a wonderful day we had house hunting with the two of you! We really needed to get out of the city.

    What we loved most about the day was the pure joy and enthusiasm the two of you exude for everything old and unique. Even the sound of ice breaking up in the river was enough to get you excited and taking pictures.

    Thanks for a great day!