Monday, February 22, 2010

The New World of Toile

Glasgow toile by Timorous Beasties (note the passed out drunk on the park bench and the gentleman relieving himself at the tree)

Our exploration of flowers got us thinking about the beautiful foliage so often used in traditional toile's. But the 18th century imagery of couples picnicking in the French countryside has evolved with the times. From the industrial water towers of downtown New York, to muggings in Hyde Park, these toile's depict a more modern reality (except of course for the one from France)...

Sheila Bridges' Harlem Toile in Hydrangea and Pink

Nolita toile by Pierre Frey

South African inspired toile for Carol Mills Fabrics

Pierre Frey's traditional French toile, Coutances Positifs

London Toile by Timorous Beasties (don't miss the mugging taking place up on the right!)

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