Thursday, February 4, 2010


We've been aware of Japanese postwar painter Hidetaka Ohno (b.1922) for a while now...his non-representational works have a very organic quality. Whether he applied cement or jute bags to a canvas or painted in Sumi Ink and Chinese White, the imagery seems naturally occuring. We just purchased one mixed media piece from a California auction house & can't wait to receive it!  
Our recent acquisition. Mixed media on paper.

Sumi Ink on paper applied to canvas from Liveauctioneers

Sumi Ink on paper applied to canvas

Work 1961, mixed media on canvas via Ginza Art Center

Seven Forms, mixed media on canvas

Clocked Stone, poetry by Sid Corman with 10 collotype plates by Ohno


Mixed Media on canvas


  1. Looking good gentlemen. Some serious decor porn.
    Please "hunt and gather" some food posts!


  2. I've got a work of Hidetaka Ohno's, #13, a jute and mixed media just like your "1961". I don't suppose you'd share what you paid for your acquisition, would you?