Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Truck, Japan and the WPA

Illegibly signed WPA portrait sold at Vallot Auctions

We recently found the Truck Furniture catalog online and really liked the styling and the product offerings. Very WPA era, vintage looking with an updated edge...inspired, we coupled a few catalog pages with some actual WPA artwork and loved the result.

Truck Dining Table and Chairs

Siporin's Fusion of Agriculture and Industry Mural at the Decatur, Illinois Post Office

Office Chair at Truck Furniture

Walter Sinz bust via Liveauctioneers

Still Life by Sidney Laufman, Cleveland WPA

Office at Truck

Arthur Lidov, Discus Thrower

Arthur Lidov, Railroading mural at the Chillicothe, Illinois Post Office

Kitchen at Truck

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