Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rural Sophistication

The design of an Amish Quilt is one of the most iconic symbols of rural sophistication - geometric, bold, exquisitely crafted. Marguerite Zorach's artwork, mostly rural interior scenes, portrays country life in much the same way an Amish quilt symbolizes it....colorful with a sense of humor and a smart, sophisticated balance.

Lancaster County Amish Diamond Quilt sold on Liveauctioneers

Marguerite Zorach, The Garden

Amish Bar Quilt from Pook & Pook

Marguerite Zorach, Saturday Night in a New England Kitchen via Flickr

Amish Quilt recently sold at Pook & Pook

Marguerite Zorach, Interior, White Mountains at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Marguerite Zorach, The Country Sociable at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Amish block patchwork quilt at William Jenack

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