Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Water and Bretheren's Bath Houses, Pleasant Hill Shaker Village by Robert Dalrymple

We missed the May Shaker Auction at Willis Henry! It has been saved on our favorites bar for months, so when we looked last night to remind ourselves of the date....it had passed. A look through the lots, as expected, inspired us to no end. Masters of design and craftsmanship unparalleled economy of line and luxury of material.

Late 19th century cupboard in original yellow paint from Mt. Lebanon, Willis Henry Auctions
Double lidded carrier, Willis Henry Auctions

Seed shop at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village by Robert Dalrymple

Poplar bonnet with brown cloth trim, Willis Henry Auctions

From Crafting Utopia: The Art of Shaker Women, Hudson River Museum

Pine double case of drawers, 1840-1850 at Henry Willis

Spit box and measure, Henry Willis

Robert Dalrymple's photo of a Shaker bedroom via Flickr

Armchair, Mt. Lebanon

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