Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memphis, Kansas and Hoyer

Rebecca Hoyer, Eminent Domain

From Rietveld to Memphis, Karim Rashid to Droog, design has a permission be fun, cartoonish and simultaneously respected. We've known about Kansas painter Rebecca Hoyer's paintings for a few years now and experience the same giddy feeling when we visit her site to glimpse her latest work as we do seeing a Peter Shire bowl or a De Lucchi sofa in person. Hoyer's landscape and floral geometries are saturated in color and alive with motion. In Ms. Hoyer's paintings, scale and color adjacencies are skillfully manipulated to successfully stylize what we see and interact with daily- still recognizable, but somehow new. Aesthetic fun is underrated and hard to come by, see Hoyer's Deco, Cubist, Post Modern- inspired paintings for yourself:

George J. Sowden, D'Antibes Cabinet via Liveauctioneers

Rebecca Hoyer, 14th Street, Manhattan

Martine Bedin, Super Lamp

Rebecca Hoyer, Stream

Lido sofa by Michele De Lucchi for Memphis via Domus

Rebecca Hoyer, The Barn

Peter Shire bowl at Wright

Rebecca Hoyer, Amaryllis

Nathalie Du Pasquier bowl for Objects for the Electronics Age at Bonhams

Rebecca Hoyer, Cosmos
Planter for Esprit de Corps via Liveauctioneers

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  1. found your site when I googled my name. Did not comment for awhile - but I have just updated my website if you want to see some new and even more complicated paintings.
    Thanks for your sit and I love to see who you will find next.