Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mr. Welliver in Our Own Backyard

We call the middle one the "Tree of Life"

Sometimes it is like living in a Neil Welliver landscape, our NH home. Welliver's lush, dense landscapes are dappled with sunlight, spotted and crosshatched colors move across canvases that are at once realistic and impressionistic- just like the real thing.

Neil Welliver, Old Windfall via Newton-Cropsey Cultural Center

Roots wrap moss covered stones

Neil Welliver, Stump and Ferns at Alexandre Gallery

After the rains, New Hampshire

Neil Welliver, Light in Brook via Bates College

On the bank of the Cold River, NH

Neil Welliver, Late Light via Art History Reference

At the spring below the house, swamped leaves and reflected trees

Neil Welliver, Maine Woodland via Artnet


  1. nice photo of reflecting swamp trees. would you mind someone making a painting based on it?

    1. I'm sure you can find similar subjects that would make your art more about you and your surroundings.

  2. Great to see this outstanding article on how art can expand our vision. I like to state that "art validates life" to my audience.