Sunday, June 5, 2011


There are many memories that surface on warm summer nights in New Hampshire- memories of camp with the smell of campfires, countless stars in an inky night sky and moths scraping the screens and shadowing the porch lights. We have what seem like a trillion of them in NH and one seems more beautiful than the next in the light of morning. Here's what we saw yesterday morning against the house:

Giovanna Garzoni, Two Butterflies at Dorotheum

Balthasar van der Ast, Still-Life of Flowers, Shells and Insects via Creative Footprint

Jan Van Kessel, Insects and Fruit via Venetian Red


  1. i thought that first one was a flower! they are beautiful [i just wish i weren't so skeeved out by moths/butterflies...]

  2. I love these posts ~ am new to your site. Is there a way to contact you directly? Would like to use a photo on my East West Poetry blog and would like to ask permission. Thanks in advance, Jaye

  3. Thank you! We're so glad you found us. You can reach us at: