Friday, June 18, 2010

Charles Sheeler and the Modern Primitive

We forgot how much we love Precisionist Charles Sheeler's work until last week. From a stone home in Bucks County, PA, Sheeler collected early american furniture and objects, and painted them. Understanding how modern his antique pieces looked is what we respond to most in his modernist work. Though he, O'Keefe and Demuth interpreted the object as pure form, we believe he felt the resonence of history in the place he lived and the objects he collected.

Bedroom of Edwin Arlington Robinson House, Maine

Doylestown House, The Stove, 1933

Still Life and Shadows, 1924

Staircase, Doylestown ,1925

Staircase of a Chesterfield, NH colonial

Doylestown House, Stairway, Open Door, 1933 at MOMA

The Upstairs, 1932

Leverett, MA colonial staircase

Winter Window

Magnificent original paint on door inside a home in Connecticut

An Alna, ME barn window

Side of White Barn, 1917

Rafters of a barn with crates, Alna, ME

Connecticut Barn in Landscape, 1934

Stonewall on a New Hampshire farm

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